Ahmed Elbegouk, Masjid Al Quds Mosque, Brighton, 2018

(video portrait: 2.49 min)

Amie and Natalie Stott, St. Paul’s Onslow Square, London, 2018

(video portrait: 2.29 min)

Ayala Salomon-Romem, Brighton and Hove Progressive Synagogue, 2017

(video portrait: 2.20 mins)

Clarice Webster, Chapel of Winchester College, Winchester, 2018

(video portrait: 2.25 min)

Daniel George, St Mary and St Abraam Coptic Orthodox Church, Brighton, 2018

(video portrait: 2.25 min)

Genie Coats, St. Peter’s Church, Brighton, 2018

(video portrait: 2.14 min)

Inokh Singh Bassi, Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwaras, Derby, 2018

(video portrait: 2.29 min)

Steph Estfanos, St Mary and St Abraam Coptic Orthodox Church, Brighton, 2018

(video portrait: 2.21 min)

Subarna Rai, home prayer space, Camberley, Surrey, 2018

(video portrait: 2.07 min)

Telma Njualem, Cardinal Newman Chapel, Brighton, 2018

(video portrait: 2.29 min)

Tor-Bjorn Norrgard, Cardinal Newman Chapel, Brighton, 2018

(video portrait: 2.22 min)

Zach Elbourne, Holland Road Baptist Church, Brighton, 2018

(video portrait: 2.32 min)

Simon Roberts

Simon Roberts is a photographic artist based in Brighton. After winning the Ian Parry Scholarship in 1998 he freelanced for national and international magazines. In 2004 he moved to Russia and spent a year traveling and making work for his first monograph, Motherland. He has concentrated on his own practice ever since. Simon creates wide-ranging surveys of our time, which examine contemporary economic, cultural and political landscapes and he is heralded for his expansive tableaux photographs. Alongside his practice he is an active public speaker, holds academic posts and is involved with not for profit organisations.

At a time when half the UK population say they have no religion Simon’s series of video portraits SIXTEEN: A Portrait of Faith focuses on young people who identify with a religious faith. Each sixteen year old poses for the camera for several minutes in a similar fashion to mid-19th century photographic portraits, and offers a short monologue, in which they talk about their faith, their hopes, dreams and fears.