Benjamin. Hastings, 2018

Baxter. Hastings, 2018

Kiera. Hasting, 2018

Abbie. Hastings, 2018

Shane. Hastings, 2018

Amina. Hastings, 2018

Annie. Hastings, 2018

Lottie Davies

Following a degree in philosophy Lottie worked as an assistant photographer in London, honing technical and creative skills, which enabled her diverse commercial and fine art practice – and an outstandingly innovative series of personal projects. Taking inspiration from painting, cinema, theatre and literature, she reworks visual conventions and subconscious ‘looking habits’, to develop new narratives in work that Sandy Nairne, former director of London’s National Portrait Gallery describes as ‘brilliantly imaginative’.

When Lottie set out to collaborate with young people in the southeast coastal town of Hastings for SIXTEEN, she elected to use a common mode of peer communication for sixteen year olds, FaceTime video as the most appropriate medium for live portraits. It is a vibrant series.