Kate Peters

Kate discovered photography at secondary school and after graduating from university she assisted Nadav Kander, absorbing a meticulous and ingenious approach to portraiture. Her work now, both commercial and personal, spans a range of genres, and her clients include Guardian Weekend, Time, Apollo and FT Weekend. Kate’s interest in the representation of women and notions of identity and performance in everyday life is visible in major commissions such as From Poverty to Power and Women in Myanmar and in her long term personal projects Yes Mistress and Boudicca Redd: Between Two Worlds. Recognising her strengths as both artist and educator London’s National Portrait Gallery invited Kate to be the Creative Connections artist in 2015. Working with the permanent collection she collaborated with Year 10 art students to produce workshops and create new artworks for a Gallery exhibition.

Kate’s love of the outdoors is palpable in her both her commissions and personal work. She draws on this for SIXTEEN focusing on hobbies and leisure pursuits. She worked with young people across the Midlands with the support of project partners QUAD and GRAIN.